MakeDocW & PInstall Support Statement/Apology

I originally started work on MakeDocW and PInstall in late 1996 for my own purposes, because I wanted a Windows-based way of converting documents for reading on my PalmPilot and a better way to install Pilot software. I subsequently made both programs freely available on my website for other PalmPilot users to download and use without charge. As a professional software developer, I feel very strongly that any software author who charges even modest shareware fees for a product is thereby obliged to support the product and its registered users. At the time, I had some doubt as to whether I could afford time for such a commitment, and in retrospect I became very glad that I had never taken money for these products, because 1997 was one of the busiest years I've ever had (in business and personal terms), and I quite simply ran out of spare time to devote to the further development and support of these programs.

My apologies to all those people who have e-mailed me with comments, suggestions, bug reports, problems etc, and who have never had the courtesy of a reply from me. My commitments to other projects, and to long-standing customers, have made it impossible for me to offer a reasonable level of support to you all, but at least you never had to pay for the software. However, your suggestions and bug reports have all been filed away, and I still hope to make use of all this information in a future version of the software, so thanks for all your comments, and please feel free to keep sending them - it's just that the chances of you getting a reply at the present time are very slim.