MakeDocW Utility for Win95/NT Version 0.71

This program is intended to to prepare electronics documents for use with the AportisDoc Software, which allows you to read electronic books and other documents on your PalmPilot.

A brief note on support for MakeDocW

Download the MakeDoc for Windows Utility (PKZipped: 189,433 bytes).
Download the MakeDocW ReadMe file (ASCII: 5,446 bytes).

This program also requires MSVCRT.DLL and OLEPRO32.DLL- if you don't already have these Microsoft support DLLs on your PC, you can download them here.

Download the MS Visual C++ support DLLs (PKZipped: 172,099 bytes).

MakeDocW is free for you to use and distribute, but is nonetheless subject to copyright:

Copyright 1996,1997 Mark Pierce
Compression and .PRC Packing code is Copyright 1996 Pat Beirne
All Rights Reserved

MakeDocW provides a convenient way for Windows 95/NT4 users to format text and HTML documents for use with the Pilot Doc application.

The main features of MakeDocW 0.7 include:

MakeDocW is quite well-tested now, but there may still be some bugs. If you have difficulties, or want to make suggestions or comments, please mail me and I will do my best to provide support and fixes as required. Please note that other work commitments sometimes stop me making immediate changes to MakeDocW, but your comments are never ignored.